Imagine a consistent 50 deal per year business!

Unlock the power of real estate investing with the InAgent™ designation and dramatically increase your level of success!

Become An InAgent™

Your Dream. Our Mission.

Benefits of working with investors:

  • Shorter Sales Cycle
  • Massive Referral Business
  • Loyal Clientele
  • Multiple Sales per Client
  • Off Market Deals

Empower Your
Lead Generating System

When you can help your clients achieve financial success…
good things happen!

The InAgent™ Designation will be the
biggest difference maker in your career

Are you ready to Unlock the Power of Investing?

Become An InAgent™

Lead Generation

There is a better way than working with online leads which have a less than a
1% conversion rate.
Following our system we will provide you with
consistent leads

Loyal Clientele

By learning how to add strategic value to your investors and helping them achieve their goals, you forever command client loyalty, ensuring solid referrals and
repeat business

Deal Consistency

Everyone strives to become a real estate investor and by learning how to service and speak the investor language, you guarantee yourself
steady and consistent
deal flow

The best investment you can make is in YOURSELF!

Eliminate Competition

  • By helping your clients build wealth, you gain their loyalty for life! They will always rely on you for advice.
  • Connect buyers and sellers within your own growing investor database, thus eliminating the ‘other’ agent
  • Stand out amongst other agents who do not have the InAgent™ designation

This is NOT just another training program!

This is a radical change in the industry!
This is a business altering mind shift to build a loyal clientele, decrease your sales cycle and increase your deal flow in a shorter period of time. 

There is a better way!

By changing someone’s life in helping them build wealth and achieving their financial goals, you develop a deep loyalty, create solid referrals and become an integral member of each investor’s team where they consult you and rely on you for all their deals. 

Have you ever wondered why certain agents ONLY work with referred clients and never have to market to grow their business? Business simply appears.


Become An InAgent™

The InAgent™ training shows you a different way to do business. 



The knowledge and ability to increase your sales volume through a growing network of investor clients.

The skillset to have meaningful conversations which positively affect the trajectory of your client’s lives. Effortlessly engage with anyone anywhere and convert them into a real estate investor.

The tools to analyze and interpret key data which impact investment decisions such as trends, locations, opportunities and profits.

The ability to become an influencer by using your expertise to create opportunities and attract off market deals


  • Real estate agents looking to increase their success to a consistent 50 deal per year powerhouse
  • Agents who have already reached a certain level of success can reach a higher level of success by re-engaging their existing database to help them create wealth and do more deals
  • Agents who want to develop relevant skills in analysis and valuation in order to gain a competitive edge in their marketplace.
  • Anyone with an interest in self development, growth and elevating their real estate career to the next level.


You will Earn the Prestigious InAgent™ Designation

Learn to work with:

  • Small residential landlords
  • Multi-family landlords
  • Turn-key investors
  • Fix-and-flip investors
  • Long-distance investors
  • Rent – to – Own Investors
  • Mobile home park owners
  • Developers
  • Apartment Investors
  • BRRRR Investors
  • Self Storage Investors
  • Land Assembly Investors
  • Real Estate Investor Groups
  • Commercial Agents


Over the duration of this online course, you’ll work your way through the following modules:

Module 1 Investor Qualification & Lenders

Understanding the goals and capabilities of your investors is crucial in your success as their agent

Module 2 Understanding Lending Criteria to Uncover Profitable Deals

Learn how mortgages with various lenders work and how this affects your analysis and deal structure

Module 3 Using Real Estate Data to Your Advantage

Understand key investor data neccessary to quickly analyze and uncover profitable deals.

Module 4 Surrounding Yourself With a Team of Investor Focused Professionals

Build a team of key real estate investment experts which will help your clients close more deals

Module 5 Property Analysis 101

Understand how to sell more deals through effective property analysis

Module 6 Property Analysis 201

Determine ROI numbers to create more clientele and close more sales 

Module 7 Lead Generation 2.0

Learn how to turn any homeowner into a real estate investor.

Module 8 Joint Ventures and Corporate Structure

Understand how to create more business and position your clients with well structured portfolios.

Module 9 Investor Strategies 101

Learn the inner workings of commonly used investor strategies to locate and structure profitable deals.

Module 10 Investor Strategies 201

Assess more investor strategies and assist your investors in scaling their portfolios. 

Module 11 Investor Strategies 301

Understand sophisticated investor strategies requiring commercial lending and do bigger deals.

Module 12 Investor Strategies Advanced

Learn how to spearhead larger deals and work effectively with commercial agents.

Your Course Convener

As a 33 year veteran real estate investor, Gord Lemon, a co-founder of InAgent, has owned residential and commercial investment properties in multiple provinces and states in  Canada and the U.S.

Each city Gord invested in, his experience with real estate agents was similar. After an encouraging initial conversation with a self proclaimed investor agent, Gord conveyed a simple criteria: investment property type, price point and desired outcome i.e. profit.

Assured of receiving great properties, Gord invariably received listings from an email drip which in NO WAY made sense or adhered to his previously discussed investment criteria!

The spark to create the InAgent training and InAgent designation was born from the common frustration experienced by so many real estate investors.

Investors in Canada and the U.S. will concur…there is a clear gap in investor knowledge shared by many agents. The InAgent™ training is here to fill this crucial gap; to raise the level of knowledge and service to the investor vertical and the industry in general.

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